MOH Lied About Giving $4K Bonus to ALL Public Healthcare Workers Involved In COVID Fight

Earlier this month, MOH announced that public healthcare workers will receive a bonus of up to S$4,000 in recognition of their efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

According to MOH, the bonus will also be given to staff at community care organizations that deliver frontline services. This includes those working at nursing homes and dialysis centres.

However, it turns out that this is not fully true.

Bonus Only For “Eligible Staff”

A nurse shared on Reddit that they will not be getting the bonus despite having been exposed to sudden COVID+ patients several times. Their hospital released a letter yesterday (23 Nov) saying that the bonus will be for “eligible staff”.

MOH reddit post

These nurses fought for Singapore during COVID too! Obviously 1500 healthcare workers quitting during COVID taught MOH nothing.

The author did not reveal more about what the hospital considers “eligible”, but they explained why they were ineligible. They were apparently not an “actual front-liner” just because they work in a general ward.

Is MOH being underhanded?

Shouldn’t front-liners be any hospital staff that has direct contact with patients? Just because they don’t work in a COVID ward doesn’t mean that they are not a front-liner. Anyone who has the potential to be exposed in their line of work should be considered a front-liner.

This is unethical, they should not make such empty promises. They made it such a big news that they are rewarding our healthcare workers just for it to have all these fine prints! How can they treat our national heroes with such disrespect!?!