Will You Open Your Heart to Amy Khor If She Opens New Bins at Your HDB?

Amy Khor is a Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment. She basically cuts ribbons at opening ceremonies.

In 2020, she graced the opening of a recycling bin. Singaporeans were dumbfounded as to why anyone would need her to open a bin. They criticized her for trying too hard and having nothing better to do.

One week later, she cut another ribbon to open a temporary bus stop. She was criticized for her wayang again.

Amy Khor must have learnt her mistake because she did not cut ribbons at her latest opening ceremony. Last week, she opened another recycling bin. This time, it is special. The bin is transparent.

She said if people can “see what is inside the recycling bin”, it will “deter any improper use of the bin and encourage them to deposit only recyclables into the bins”.

It is unbelievable she is still doing this. What she should have learnt is that it was never about the ribbons. With or without it, we do not need a Minister to open bins. Just put them there and inform residents about it. Instead of showing up once in a long time to cut stupid ribbons, she should engage with residents and help them more. Singapore has come a long way. Surely we can open bins by ourselves.