Congestion Outside Red Swastika School

Parents Should Not Drive Their Kids To School! Let Them Take Bus!

Earlier this week, a Bentley driver tried to run down a security guard after he cut his way into Red Swastika School via the exit lane. This incident led to a discussion about whether there is a need for parents to drive their children to school in the first place.

“Students Can Walk Or Take Bus!”

Netters observe that the congestion is the worst at “privileged schools”, especially the schools along Bukit Timah Road. Even the CNA article about errant drivers mentions Methodist Girls’ School and Anglo-Chinese School (Primary).

Most of them believe that children should learn how to walk or take public transport. If the distance is that far, there is always the option of taking the school bus.

“No Need To Drop At Gate”

Other parents who drive their kids also complained about negative behavior from other drivers. Some suggested that parents can always drop their children off along the road and let the children walk a short distance.

Netters also shared that parking at a public carpark and walking the rest of the distance with their kids allowed their family to bond.

Are our children getting too spoilt?

Are parents too afraid of letting them get on public buses and trains? Some of these children end up never having to experience taking public transport in their entire lives. Is this the type of privileged generation that we are trying to build?

Look at this netter complaining that schools are too far from home and their kids would have to wake up too early for buses.

These children will never learn how to manage their time because they will never need to face the consequence of missing a bus. They will also never learn that owning a car is a privilege.