Raeesah Khan Would not have to Lie If PAP Did Its Job

The Workers’ Party is reeling from Raeesah Khan’s lies and the media’s attacks. Everyone is waiting for them to give their side of the story but we forget that at the centre of the drama lies the issue of women’s rights.

It is the reason for Raeesah Khan’s speech and why she lied in the first place. With so much drama, people forget that the bigger cause is to fight for women’s rights. The PAP successfully made use of this saga to distract us from what is actually at stake.

Raeesah Khan lied because she wanted to bring across a point about treating women fairly. How bad is the situation such that she had to resort to lying? How desperate must she have been? If the government did its job properly, she would not need to lie.

There must be a recognition of why she found the need to construct those lies, and that issue is with how our very institutions conduct their discourses, and the institutions themselves.

I get that the affair is incredulous to most, but this is exactly how it was designed to be so, to distract people from what is actually at stake.

Lune Loh, poet and activist

The problem lies in the PAP. It is their fault that we still have to speak up for so many things in order to improve our lives. All this would not happen if they did their job properly.

As they continue to blow the drama out of proportion, we must not let them distract us further. We must remember what they want us to forget and continue to fight for issues that matter.