PA Manager Eshane Oh

PA Manager Was Sick But Still Went Ahead With Staycay

She still dare to say “Sick also don’t wanna give up on staycay”. What kind of example is this public servant trying to set?

According to our taskforce COVID is supposed to be an endemic, which means that personal responsibility is very important. You are to self-test and stay at home when you fall sick, and minimize social activities. Except for this PA Manager, she ownself say she sick but staycay more important.

Apparently one rule for us another rule for them. People’s Association (PA) Manager Eshane Oh checked in for a staycation at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore on 5 Dec (Sunday) evening.

She decided to also flaunt her staycation on her InstaStory, adding –

“Sick also don’t wanna give up on staycay.”

Eshane Oh, PA Manager

Her profile is even public, for all to see. Her LinkedIn profile is also here, showing that she has been working for PA for the past 2 years.

PA needs to investigate this! All public servants should at the very least uphold their integrity and social responsibility during this COVID period!