Ong Ye Kung addressing Omicron

Ong Ye Kung: Singapore will be Safest Country in the World once Omicron Passes

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung predicted that Singapore will see as many as 3000 Omicron cases when it peaks. However, he is optimistic that we will be the safest country in the world once the wave passes.

He thinks we are much more prepared and resilient now.

I believe that just as we have ridden through the delta wave with unity and resolve, we will be able to do so again with the Omicron wave.

After the Omicron wave passes, which it will, we would have taken another huge step towards living with Covid-19 and Singapore will be one of the best and safest places to live on Earth.

Ong Ye Kung said the key is to live with Covid-19 as normally as possible. This means not locking down borders and not having severe social restrictions. We already have 2600 imported Omicron cases so far, but in time to come, Transport Minister S Iswaran wants to have quarantine-free air travel with all vaccinated travellers.

Are we really going to be the safest place on Earth?