Bentley driver at Red Swastika

Bentley Driver’s Suspected Company Spammed by Funny Reviews

People are leaving bad reviews for car dealer Neo Times Pte Ltd. Many speculate that the company is related to the arrogant Bentley driver who threatened to knock down a security guard at Red Swastika school.

The 61 year old Bentley driver tried to cut queue to pick up his grandson. He did not have a valid car label. When a security guard stopped him, he inched forward and kept pushing him. He even threatened to run him over. Fortunately, he was arrested.

Apparently, he also does not have a valid licence plate. Isn’t it ironic if he is really in the car business?

Neo Times Pte Ltd has a 1.1 rating on Google. What a generous rating for a low-class, arrogant gangster!