Heng Swee Keat: People Asked Me If GST Can Be Raised to 10%

Yesterday, Heng Swee Keat reminded Singaporeans not to rely too much on the Budget. He said that everyone should also do their part to help the disadvantaged. He even said that some people asked him to increase the GST to help lower income groups.

“Some people asked if the GST rate can be raised to 10 per cent instead of 9 per cent, so that there is more revenue to help the needy.

This is not the way because we want to build a compassionate society where those who can, help the disadvantaged.”

He made this statement at an event by the Teochew Federation yesterday. To date, there are 14,000 lower-income families staying in rental houses. How does he expect Singaporeans to help them?

On SkillsFuture and the next election

Heng Swee Keat also talked about other topics such as SkillsFuture, Singapore’s reserves and the next election. He believes SkillsFuture encourages everyone to upgrade themselves instead of being over-reliant on the Government. The SkillsFuture credit top-up is just one way he wants to help elderly Singaporeans.

As for when the next election will be held, he simply said: “It may be this year or next. You have to ask the Prime Minister”.

He did not have answers on whether he will continue to be with the East Coast. Does that mean he may change GRC again? What is the East Coast without his East Coast Plan?