Ong Ye Kung support healthcare workers

Ong Ye Kung to Healthcare Workers: Hang in there, MOH will Support You

Ong Ye Kung promised healthcare workers that MOH will support them in the fight against Covid-19. Last week, his MTF co-chair Gan Kim Yong even said the healthcare system is coping well.

Some nurses called out his bullshit to say they are overwhelmed and overworked.

Ong Ye Kung responded that MOH will “do whatever they can” to help them. It will persuade the public not to go to hospitals unless absolutely necessary and give healthcare workers priority for vaccines. They can record their sick leave as hospitalization leave.

Is that all MOH is doing to support our frontliners? How is this doing “whatever they can”? It sounds grossly inadequate.

In the meantime, Ong urged everyone to “hang in there for a while more”. He foresees a drop in daily Covid-19 cases and believes we will get stronger each day. Easy for him to say.