66 Year Old Retiree: Better to Die Young as Gov Keeps Increasing Prices

We are in the middle of a pandemic but PAP wants to raise prices again.

Transport fares increased in Dec 2021. Electricity and gas tariffs are going up in early 2022. Food prices will go up soon. There will also be a GST hike within these few years. At this rate, how do we cope with the rising cost of living?

A 66 year old retiree had enough of price hikes. He saved for old age but now he is uncertain if it will last him long enough. He even said it is better to die young than live with the high cost of living.

A 77 year old woman also found it increasingly difficult to cope with the inflation. She is a part-time cleaner who earns around $700 a month and her husband needs regular medical care. She has children to help her but things will be worse when the GST hike kicks in.

Young people are also worried. How do they afford a house in future? How much do they spend taking public transport everyday because they do not have concessions? How do they make sure they save enough for their families?

Singaporeans do not have a choice. We have to live with it as the government keeps increasing prices. Even if we approach MPs for help, what can they do? They will never understand our pain because they earn way more than us. How much is too much until they suck us dry? Will we be left to save ourselves?