MTF “Exceptionally Efficient” in Adapting to Covid-19, Said Experts

The 160th media likes to ask for Covid-19 advice from “experts”. According to these “experts”, the MTF did a great job and was “exceptionally efficient” in adapting to the pandemic. They praised the government for its logical, consistent and balanced approach.

One of them even said the MTF handled it better than other high-income countries!

Safety management measures were promptly revised for relevance and when informed by latest scientific advances. From increased testing and contact-tracing precision to home-based recovery scheme, Singapore has emerged much more resilient to handling Covid-19 and its variants.

Did they forget the MOH’s incompetence that left many home recovery patients neglected? How about the screw up that caused thousands of infections in migrant worker dormitories?

The experts believe the government responded logically and efficiently. We may never return to our normal way of life but they hope we will not “forget the sacrifices made to achieve Singapore’s progress and current success”.

Do you agree with “expert” opinion? Do we need them to tell us all that?