Another Video of NTUC Fairprice Labelling 176g Salmon as 296g. Wtf?

Is NTUC Fairprice becoming NTUC Unfairprice? Yesterday, another person posted a video of a piece of salmon that he bought for 296g when it was actually 176g.

Two days ago, a woman found that a 224g chicken she bought weighed only 165g. After her video got viral, NTUC urged people to contact them directly if there is any mislabelling so as to prevent “misunderstandings”.

It agreed that the error should not have occurred and assured everyone that its weighing scales are authorized by certified vendors.

First it was chicken, now it is fish. What about other items? Do we have to start weighing everything to ensure we are getting a fair deal or can we trust them to upkeep a Fair price? NTUC, what is going on?