Singaporeans Unite to Scold Man who was Intolerant of Mosque’s Prayers

A man was seen confronting a mosque over the “noise” from its prayers. In the 25-second video, he was heard saying: “You all need to be more considerate“.

Even after he was escorted out of the premises, he said:

“People don’t need to sleep is it? You know how many people complain already?”

The video ended while he was ranting and did not provide more context as to where and when it happened. According to sources close to the mosque, the video by zahran showed that it happened at Masjid Darul Ghufran in Tampines. The mosque itself has not responded.

The video went viral as many Singaporeans were angry at the man in the video. They chided him for being the one who was inconsiderate and intolerant. They were enraged for having tolerated the Chinese despite loud noises from their religious practices. Some were more collected as they singled out the man’s behaviour and reminded each other that most Singaporeans are understanding towards all races and religion.

The video has been removed but the Internet never forgets. Will the man be punished for his bigoted behaviour? Will his identity be made public? Singapore is a multiracial and multi-religious nation. We have no place for a racist person like him.