Jamus Lim

More People Want Jamus Lim As Their MP After Budget 2022

[Contributed by Wong] My friends are praising Jamus Lim for his budget speech. In fact, his suggestions in response to PAP being stubborn about wanting to raise GST were brilliant. He didn’t only criticize their ideas, he even proposed other ways they can go about raising revenue without hurting the poor.

There is really no need for PAP to increase GST.

Jamus warned them that increasing GST now will just make the inflation worse, and the poor is the one who is more likely to suffer. A few cents is small change to the rich, but it puts a huge strain on us middle-to-low income Singaporeans!

“If this turns out to be the new reality, then rolling out a GST hike at this time will only add fuel to the inflation flame, which is already starting to burn uncomfortably hot.”

Jamus Lim

Some more, they don’t need to make things so complicated by giving GST voucher only to the lower income. They could just not increase GST, and impose wealth tax on the rich people like what Jamus suggested.

This makes more sense because if you give GST voucher to lower income, the money is also from our taxes. Some more the middle income will not receive any help, and we all know that this kind of vouchers is only temporary!

PAP needs to learn from Jamus Lim!

He knows the ground much better than them! He saw our concerns, tried to find other ways to help us, and even voice out for us in parliament!

This is a man who knows Singaporeans, and he has the smarts to go about addressing our worries. He is the future of Singapore, PAP need to listen to him and stop resorting to their old tricks!

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