SGH Doctor Pending Sexual Assault Case Still Works With Female Patients

The ongoing sexual assault cases have yet to be concluded, but the doctor in question is allegedly still working with female patients at SGH. A netter (who is allegedly one of the victims) is frustrated that the doctor is still allowed to practice. Read her story here.

Is SGH still letting a doctor who sexually assaulted a patient continue to practise while the case is not settled in court yet?


I was sexually assaulted by the operating doctor in Sept 2021 when I went for a surgery at the Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Centre at Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

I made a police report after.

As sexual assault investigations/court cases always take a long time in Singapore, my deep concern was that the doctor is still practising – meeting and performing surgeries on female patients – during this period of time.

It became obvious to me after the incident that he was a sexual predator because he sexually assaulted me brazenly and boldly without any qualms and hesitation.

And then simply continued the surgery as though nothing happened.

After that he even casually chit-chatted with me asking questions and making comments.

It reveals to me that he has done it before – how many times I do not know.

It also tells me that he has never been caught. And that is why he has become emboldened in repeating his offensive actions.

So what this shows is that female patients who are assigned to him are preyed on.

When you go for a simple ear surgery, at a hospital, you’re supposed to be treated and not harmed. You do not expect such horrible things to happen to you. Yet, it did.

I cannot let a sexual predator in a large medical institution, who has access and opportunity to meet many females, abuse his authority and profession to prey on women and sexually assault them.

Doctors are to treat and heal patients, not take advantage of them and despicably use it as their hunting grounds for heinous acts.

Doctors Chan Herng Nieng (SGH Psychiatry) and Julian Ong “colluded to take advantage of vulnerable female patients.”

“The men had smugly boasted of their trysts with various women and gloatingly described their sexual conquests in demeaning terms.”

After 7 months, since my police report had made no progress, I decided to write to SGH on 20 May 2022 to inform them of an on-going investigation of this doctor.

I did not only write to SGH.

I wrote to the following:

1. Mr K Shanmugam government email (9 June)

2. Ministry of Home Affairs (asking for my report investigations to be expedited) (9 June)

I sincerely urged all three parties to tell SGH to suspend him from frontline duties until this case is settled in court.

I chased SGH on 8 June.

On 21 June, SGH replied to me. From what I understand in the email, it seems the doctor will not be suspended while SGH are pending updates from the police.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

The right and responsible protocol is to suspend the person until investigations are complete.

These places took actions after sexual assault allegations were brought forth:

1. True Yoga suspends trainer who molested 5 women

Reported in Aug 2020, found guilty as reported in Nov 2021.

2. Apeiro Performance banned trainer from using their gym after molestation reports

Reported in Aug 2020

And is a large public medical institution not going to? How pathetic.

On 21 June after the email from SGH, I chased Mr Shanmugam’s office for updates since looking into the matter. I have not received a reply yet.

Since no action seems to have been taken, and I have not heard back from authorities, I would like to warn all females visiting the ENT Centre. I implore you to please visit another medical institution or doctor.

If you really must visit the ENT Centre, please ask for a female doctor.

I would also like to urge any who has been sexually assaulted by a doctor at ENT or in general, to please muster the courage to report them. You never know if there are more victims, and we can prevent more victims in the future.

The one of the scariest and worst kind of sexual offenders are sexual predators and serial offenders. These, in particular, must be stopped with utmost urgency and priority.

Stay safe ladies.

Source: Fiona Nurain’s Facebook