Lawrence Wong Dare to Raise Taxes But Don’t Dare to Address our Burden

PSP’s Leong Mun Wai was shocked that Lawrence Wong evaded his question and called his argument a “red herring”. He was only raising valid concerns about GST.

Leong wanted to know how much extra burden the top 20%, middle 60% and bottom 20% of Singaporeans will have to bear. He was particularly worried for middle-class citizens as they may not be able to cope. These are very real problems.

However, Lawrence Wong responded with a chart which did not really answer the question. Leong was astounded.

This is a typical example of an evasive answer given by a Minister. But to top it all, he has claimed that ‘my persistent requests for more information are red herrings’.

Dare to raise taxes but don’t dare to tell Singaporeans how much more they need to pay. This is not the kind of strong leadership we are looking for!

Leong also wanted to make a number of clarifications but said the Speaker did not give him a chance.

I am gobsmacked! We shall let people be the judge. Singaporeans deserve better.