Ng Teng Fong Sent My Father Home In Coffin, Didn’t Tell Us He Was Critical

A Straits Times Forum Letter shared about how Ng Teng Fong didn’t tell a family when their father turned critical. The father passed on that afternoon and was sent home in a sealed bag in a sealed coffin because he was Covid positive. The family didn’t get to see him for for the last time.

My father was admitted to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital on Feb 23, as he had Covid-19 and was 94 years old with some underlying health conditions.

My brother accompanied him to the accident and emergency department but was told to wait at home, as admission might take some time due to a bed shortage.

The next day, my father was warded and we were informed that he needed to be put on oxygen.

On Feb 25, I called the hospital and a nurse told me that his condition seemed to have improved. That evening, a doctor called my brother and also said that my father’s condition was improving.

On Feb 26, at around 1pm, I received a call from the doctor, who said that my father died half an hour ago.

I was told that he had much difficulty breathing that morning and was given treatment.

Why were the family members not informed that his condition had turned critical?

As he died from Covid-19, my father was sent home to us in a sealed bag in a sealed coffin. He died alone and we did not get to see him one last time.

I e-mailed Ng Teng Fong Hospital on March 4 to find out more, and received a reply that evening that it would investigate the matter. Since then, silence.

Jessie Lau Piak Hwee

Why so many of such instances of neglect at the hospitals recently? NUH just apologized for leaving a pregnant woman unattended for hours even though she was bleeding profusely.