We Don’t Need So Many Ministers Since Our Population Is Shrinking!

[Contributed by Meg] They finally announced the names of the primary and secondary schools that will be merged over the next few years. The mergers are a response to falling birth rates, MOE said. With a smaller population, we don’t need so many schools. Fair enough.

How about the number of leaders that we have?

Our parliament currently has 103 members of parliament (MPs) made of 92 elected MPs, 2 Non-Constituency MPs and 9 Nominated MPs. They are serving about 5.6 million residents (4 million Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents) and 728.6 kmĀ² of land. Since our population is shrinking, do we really still need so many high-paying leaders in parliament?

Seems like our number of MPs doesn’t even match up to the number of MPs in other countries! Each of our MPs take care of less people than most other developed places. They even have less land area to manage.

We should re-evaluate, since our population is shrinking. Plus out of the 5.7 million population, only about 4 million are Singaporeans. Do we really need so many MPs?