Our Part-Time Mayors Don’t Deserve $660k A Year!

Mayors in Singapore earn $660k every year, on top of their annual MP allowance of $192k. We have five mayors, and that means we’re spending $4.26million on them every year.

This issue was highlighted by Pritam Singh in parliament last year. He proposed that the government review the need for full-time mayors.

“Many Singaporeans are of the view that the salaries of mayors are outrageous, principally because they are not perceived to commensurate with a mayor’s roles and functions today.”

Pritam Singh

Now that inflation and tax hikes are looming, Singaporeans are questioning this again.

In a Facebook post, People’s Voice Lim Tean pointed out that it is a disgrace for us to be giving our mayors such exorbitant pay when 35% of working Singaporeans are taking home less than $2400 per month.

These public servants should be serving Singaporeans because they care for the country. They should not be driven by a higher pay.

What is the purpose of a mayor?

Other countries need mayors because they are big. For example in the US, each mayor would oversee a city’s main departments, such as the police or the fire department. It doesn’t make sense for the white house to have to look into all these for each city themselves.

However, Singapore is a city state. Do we really need 5 mayors? They are doing redundant jobs that can be managed easily by each of the cabinet ministers.

Why do they keep looking for ways to pay our MPs more money, when they are already earning so much?