PAP Supporter: Stop Complaining About GST. Spend Less, We Will be Fine

Someone said that Singaporeans complain about the GST hike because we cannot accept lower standards of living. If we did not spend on cars, expensive clothes and nicer houses, we will be able to cope with the GST increase. Do you agree?

Car loans? How about giving up that car and use a BMW (bus, MRT, walk)? I do that. You will straightaway feel a few thousand dollars richer every month.

Buy a smaller home. During our parents’ time, many people squeezed into a small home. Now, we talk about ‘roomier’ home and space. No wonder LKY said that young people do not know what it is like to be poor.

If we don’t manage our finances well, even with zero GST, you will still be in debt and burdened.

Thanks, expert. Except this is 2022. How have we progressed if we are still stuck in “our parents’ time”? Do we earn more just to get sucked more instead of having better lives?

Of course Singaporeans will save money. But telling us to live like “our parents’ time” to justify the GST hike is stupid and ridiculous. Stop obsessing with saying yes to everything PAP throws at us. Stop telling us not to worry about something that affects our lives.