homophobic Focus on the family

Homophobic Group Has Taken Over High Ranking Positions In Singapore!

From CEO of Pan Pacific, to Singapore’s Ambassador to Sweden, homophobic group “Focus on the Family” has infiltrated all levels of Singapore!

[Contributed by Vance] Just last week, the movie Lightyear’s NC16 rating found its way to the news. The decision making panel is led by Cheryl Ng, who is linked to homophobic organization Focus on the Family (FOTF). Similarly, the CEO of Pan Pacific hotels group, the parent company of Parkroyal which turned away a same-sex couple who wanted to book a wedding venue, is also on the board of FOTF.

That’s not all. In fact, FOTF has already infiltrated various levels of our society. And if you didn’t already know, FOTF is from USA, and they often lobby against LGBT rights, including LGBT adoption, LGBT parenting, and same-sex marriage.

Many of them are in government-related organizations

Their board of directors are even holding very influential positions in Singapore!

  • Chairman Tony Soh: Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre. He also previously held different appointments in various government agencies, including the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence and Singapore Tourism Board
Chairman of Focus on the Family’s Board of Directors: Tony Soh Cheow Yeow.
  • Vice-chairman Andrew Kwan: Group Managing Director of Commonwealth Capital group of companies and non-resident Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden. He also sits on the boards of Restaurant Association of Singapore, Singapore Business Federation, and Aquaculture Innovation Centre.
Vice-chairman of Focus on the Family’s Board of Directors: Andrew Kwan.
  • Vice-chairman Choe Peng Sum: The CEO of Pan Pacific hotels Group. He also serves on various Boards/Committees, including the Ministry of Education’s Committee for Private Education / SkillsFuture Singapore, Enterprise Singapore‘s Singapore Quality Awards and SAFRA.
Vice-chairman of Focus on the Family’s Board of Directors: Choe Peng Sum.
  • Boaz Nazar: Director at Kalco Law LLC and appointed Commissioner for Oaths as well as Notary Public
Boaz Nazar
  • Jeffrey Goh: Former Group CEO of NETS and Co-Founder of AXS.
Jeffrey Goh
  • Andy Tan: Andy is the Chairman of Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA)‘s Singapore Chapter. He also serves as a Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID), Member of the Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF) Exam Board, and Inquiry Panel Member of The Law Society appointed by the Chief Justice. 
Andy Tan
  • Jessica Bin: Jessica is Chief Operating Officer at Infrastructure Asia, an initiative by Enterprise Singapore and Monetary Authority of Singapore.
Jessica Bin

By the way, FOTF website also clarifies that “Our Directors are unpaid volunteers who serve for a maximum term limit of 10 years.” Since they are unpaid, they must be doing this because they believe in FOTF!

The preferential treatment is so obvious!

These are just their board of directors. Their members are also everywhere, and it is even too late to apply FICA. FOTF has been here for a while, and it is already fully funded locally. Not surprised if some of our policies or practices are skewed towards pro-family values simply because these people are in charge!

How can the government be so sensitive about foreign subversion (e.g. forcing everyone to show their Pink IC for Pinkdot), but allow such a infamous organization to function at such a capacity here!?!