Child Jumping On Table At Restaurant Shows The Ugly Side Of Immigrants

[Contributed by Shawn] On 23 July 2022, a Facebook post of a child jumping on a table at a restaurant in East Point Mall went viral. What netters were more appalled about is that the parents of the child appeared to not care. Most think that the child and her parents are likely to be immigrants.

Source: Facebook

Singaporeans believe that this is the typical parenting style from immigrants

Some even shared their own experiences about how such parents will only react if their child injures themselves. Even then, they will not scold the child but will instead blame the restaurant for their own accident.

Source: Facebook

Singapore needs to rethink our population growth policy

Taking in immigrants is the easy way out. However, when we take in too many of them without thinking carefully about how to better integrate them, the difference in culture will shock our society too much.

“How fast can we integrate them and make them more like us? That depends on us, the citizens born and bred here, and also on their willingness to adapt and be part of our society.”

Lee Kuan Yew, 2009

The issue is a lot of them are imposing their culture on us, instead of being willing to adapt to us. Most of them won’t see the need to even try, especially since their country’s community is getting very sizeable here. All they have to do is stick to their own countrymen, and watch as their own population grow here.

This is very worrying.