Korean Supremacy at Beauty World Hawker Center: Unmasking the Injustice and Cronyism!

[Contributed by Vogel] I have another issue to raise to you which is, the state of dining at the Beauty World hawker center. I ordered a beer from pink candy and proceeded to sit at a beer garden as indicated.

I later ordered some food from Feng Xiang but as I was about to bite into my food, I was rudely told off by a Korean woman to stop as she further said I could not eat any other food except Korean in the garden. I could buy from Joo Mak, Myung Ga, just not non-Korean.

I didn’t know the hawker center has a treaty with Korea?

Isn’t it racist when only 1 type of food is allowed to be served at an al fresco dining, where hawker centres are supposed to be places where food diversity is celebrated and people come together?

I tried to reason with her that sitting is free in a hawker center but she retorted by saying she enjoys exclusive rights by the management to manage the hawker’s al fresco and that she pays their salaries so they listen to her.

I always thought hawker sitting is free and competition is fair in Singapore but I guess I was wrong. It’s the same here as the Country I’m from and appears that cronyism and favouritism is a pretty prevalent practice here too.