Grab Uncle of Almost 10 Years Suspended for Small Talk With Passenger

“Just a simple complaint has caused my dad a lot of sadness, disappointment and the loss of his livelihood”.

Grab has suspended its driver after a passenger complained that the driver made “uncomfortable” conversations during the ride.

According to a screenshot of Grab’s email to the driver, Grab found the driver to have engaged in “conversations relating to inappropriate topics with your passenger such as commenting on physical appearance and asking overly personal questions that are not related to the booking”.

The driver’s daughter has taken to Tiktok to share her father’s case. The video attracted over 200,000 views in a day.


we hate to bring it to social media but we feel unjust @grabsingapore

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Her father, she say, has been a grab partner for almost 10 years and has an average rating of 4.9/5 throughout the years.

However, one day, a Grab staff called him to ask if he recalled anyone being uncomfortable during a ride recently. He said he couldn’t recall any unhappiness expressed by any passenger. If there was he would have remembered.

Before he knew it, he was logged out of his Grab account and received the following email informing him that his account has been permanently banned:

As the incident probably happened a few days before Grab contacted him, he was unable to check his dashcam for any voice evidence of what may have happened.

They then submitted an appeal email to Grab immediately:

However Grab rejected the appeal with no reason.

Throughout the whole episode, they had no idea what happened, who the passenger was or what the details of the complaint were.

The driver’s daughter hopes that in future, passengers can speak up and tell the driver to stop chatting if it is getting uncomfortable for them. She said that her father would stop talking if told to do so.

People commented that Grab and passengers can be heartless and Grab needs to do a proper investigation and give the family an explanation.

“Just a simple complaint has caused my dad a lot of sadness, disappointment and the loss of his livelihood”.

Daugher of suspended Grab driver