Hwa Chong Anti-LGBT Talk

Hwa Chong Makes Anti-LGBT Remarks To Students At School Assembly

Hwa Chong is once again in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. A viral image circulating online revealed that the school made an anti-LGBT presentation to their students. This allegedly at a secondary 4 school assembly.

In the slides titled “community health” were many comments trying to denounce the LGBT community. This includes talking about how “1 in 15 homosexuals is a pedophile” and that “23% of children with lesbian parents have been sexually abused”.

Source: Reddit

This presentation is done by school counselors.

No external organizations were involved. At the end of the presentation, they even showed a video from Truelove.is, an organization who has been criticized for their conversion therapy.

Source: Reddit

Some quotes from the speaker –

“SSA (same sex attraction) is not a sign of being gay/homosexual”

“We should not be too hasty in labelling ourselves”

(Paraphrased for intention) If you’ve came out as LGBT, it’s not the end of the world. Implying that it is a big “decision”.

Source: Reddit

Apparently the school did not get to vet the presentation.

How can such hateful people be counselors?

Netters are appalled by the fact that this speech was allowed to even happen. The counselors are basically putting down their students who identify as LGBT. They are trying to say that their identity is nothing to be proud of. Is this what a counselor is supposed to be doing?

Source: Reddit

The content of the slides came from a troll twitter account.

A netter identified that the content of the slides came from a troll twitter account, and has wrote in to Hwa Chong principal about this. Seems like the counselor was too lazy to even do their own proper research, and just decided to copy a troll wholesale.

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Hwa Chong principal will be addressing the school on Monday (18 July) about this.

This incident is not surprising. Hwa Chong previously engaged another homophobic group Focus on the Family to conduct workshops at their school too.

However, now that they are facing backlash, will they do anything to discipline the school counselor for instigating hate? Or will they just let this go because no religious people were hurt?

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