man who take care of disabled mom dies

PAP Fails To Take Care Of Disabled Elderly With Only $6 In Her Bank

For 22 years, Jenny Koh (64) has been depending on her son (35), who goes by the surname Guo, to take care of her daily tasks and activities. As her primary caregiver, this even includes helping her to the toilet every morning. 

On Monday (18 Jul), the son suddenly died in his sleep after vomiting blood, leaving behind his mother, who has deformed feet and muscle atrophy. Koh, who lived together with her son in a one-bedroom HDB rental flat in Marsiling, shared that she’s at loss at what to do now and that she only has $6 left in her bank account

Reform Party’s Kenneth Jeyaretnam points out how ComCare has failed to take care of this family.

Only $6 in her son’s bank account presumably because ComCare have done a remarkably good job of blocking all requests for assistance. PAP MP falsely claimed MSF assisted with funeral expenses when they in fact were paid by a charity

Going forward maximum amount she can claim seems to be about $640 per month plus maybe $200 under Disability Assistance Scheme. But this will be reduced if she has children or relatives. How will that pay for the full time carer she needs to replace her son, let alone her living expenses?

LHL’s words that the best way to avoid high (medical) bills is to stay healthy is sage advice. That should include avoiding becoming disabled.

The disconnect between $3 trillion in reserves and the almost nonexistent social safety nets is startling. But then Singaporeans shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking the reserves belong to them. They belong to @leehsienloong and his PAP elite.

Source: Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s Facebook

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