Kia Cerato

Identity Of Kia Cerato Woman Who Road Raged At Tuas Second Link Exposed

Just recently, a video of a road rage incident at Tuas Second Link went viral. In the video, a passenger from a red Kia Cerato was angry that another car (Toyota Alphard) cut her lane. She decided to physically block the car and even at one point remove their number plate.

Netters were quick to CSI her.

The woman works for Lalamove

Netters on hardwarezone were quick to find out that the woman is called Elaine Lee. They found her Facebook profile, and they could even tell that she is a Singapore PR from Malaysia.

Husband Vincent Lim works for SPF

According to the hardwarezone netters, Elaine’s husband works for the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Source: Hardwarezone

Wonder how he feels about this, especially since the Malaysian police are now looking for her.

Source: Facebook

Somehow, they could also CSI the name of the woman’s son.

Source: Hardwarezone

Road rage is temporary, but the internet is forever

It appears that Elaine has now privatized her Facebook, but the damage has been done. Damn xiasuay.

Another image (time unknown) of the same Kia Cerato with a wrecked rear has also been circulating. Although it is unclear if this is in any way related to the scuffle at Tuas second link.

Source: Facebook