No Quota on New Expat Visa to Attract Foreign Talent: Tan See Leng

Minister of Manpower Tan See Leng said during a Bloomberg interview that the government will be undertaking an “offensive strategy” to attract top talent into the country.

“In the competition for talent, we are in a very, very hyped-up mode,” said Tan See Leng.

The government will hence not fix any quota on the number of applicants for the newest Overseas Networks and Expertise (ONE) Pass. To qualify for this work pass, applicants will need to earn a fixed monthly salary of $30,000 and above, which is comparable to the top 5% of Employment Pass (EP) holders.

“When you talk about this new pass that we’re targeting, I don’t think there is a specific quota or number… these are people that are really in the top space itself. I think we would be able to manage those kinds of applications.”

Tan See Leng on Bloomberg TV

These top foreign talent are what Tan See Leng referred to as “rainmakers” who will bring economic and cultural growth for Singapore.

But will bringing in “rainmakers” only bring flood?

Singaporeans are already drowning in the high cost of living and job uncertainties. Yet all the government can think of is to bring in more foreigners to come in to take Singaporeans’ jobs.

The government is willing to do anything for money, even if it means addressing Singaporeans’ immediate concerns will take a backseat and we will face more problems with so many foreigners among us. Do we always need to bow down to foreigners and open our legs wide?