Grab Makes Subscribers Pay Double Delivery Fares

Grab has a subscription plan, GrabUnlimited which is supposed to reward their loyal users with more savings. Subscribers get $4 off GrabFood and GrabMart deliveries, among other benefits. The subscription costs $7.99 a month, but first time users can pay $0.01 for the first 2 months.

Source: Grab

Unfortunately, this may just be a scam.

Louie Lui shared that his wife was trying to order food from LeNu – Bedok Mall. He told her that he’ll do the ordering instead, as he is a subscriber of GrabUnlimited, and they could save $4 on delivery fares.

Yet, when he checked his app and compared it with hers, he was presented with a $7 delivery fee while hers was $3.50. That’s twice the delivery fee!

“I refreshed the app on both phones, did everything I could. Still the same. It wasn’t a surge pricing, it was a price catered to me, the subscriber with a $4 voucher.”

Louie Lui
Source: Louie Lui

Grab, where is your integrity?

Why are you cheating your subscribers? Most of your users can accept that you need to make profits as a company. However, we cannot tolerate such deceptive practices!

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See Louie’s full post here:

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