ATB Scold Nurse: Time For Singapore To Control The China Population Here!

By Lee CK – Recently, a Chinese woman’s heated exchange with police officers at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) A&E has gone viral. The China woman claimed that the dispute started because she was unhappy that she had to wait for more than 3 hours. She allegedly turned aggressive at a nurse which led to the police being called in.

Here’s a summary of events.

According to her, a car ran over her feet. Then when she fell she told the driver she is ok. She ask the driver to just pay her $5000 and she will let it slide. Doesn’t this already sound damn sus?

Also, when she panned the camera to her feet there were no bruises and it was not out of shape. She can lift it up just fine, she herself was very energetic and alert. It is no wonder that there are more life threatening cases than her and SGH A&E was right to not prioritize her.

Source: douyin

Then after that she angry because the driver never help her up (but of course shouldn’t, if she really injured what if she claim you make it worse by helping her). She also not happy that the driver tell other people she is ok even though she told everyone else she is ok. So she tell the driver either driver pay her $5000 under table or send her to hospital, so the driver sent her to hospital.

Then she not happy because at SGH A&E she waited more than 3hours. So she scolded the nurse.


she’s angry because the driver didn’t help her up after she says she is ok, and then driver also never take her under-table offer to pay $5000 to settle privately #china #woman #scold #police

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Then the police was called in because she was aggressive to the nurse. But when the police came she scold the police for not looking into the traffic incident and instead focusing on her being aggressive to the nurse. The police explained to her that traffic incidents are handled by traffic police and she can still lodge a report for the traffic incident. They also informed her that they are here to investigate her aggression against the nurse, and asked if she want to leave a statement. She kept asking the police to guess if she was rude to the nurse and in the end refused to leave a statement.

This woman then posted the entire exchange on her own douyin because she not happy with our police. She say the driver wanted to murder her and griped that she never die that’s why she has no proof for that.

Who is this China Woman?

She uses 2 douyin accounts, where she posts about her life. Apparently she has access to the gym at The Sail Tower (Marina Bay), and Tropika East condominiums.

We can tell that she could have a lot of money, since she always posts about her luxurious lifestyle. If she’s so rich she should have gone to a private hospital and not waste people’s time at our public hospital. Money cannot buy class. Is she a part of the money laundering gang?

Look at her entitled behavior! Douyin account user2440550371312 is her.

What is more appalling is the number of China accounts supporting her rude behavior online.

One of them complained that we scold them dog ok but they cannot scold our nurses. This is referring to the past incident of a China Southern Airlines employee (from Malaysia) who called a rude China passenger “a dog” at Changi Airport check-in counter. The staff was subsequently suspended, but wow we can tell that being rude and entitled is a trend amongst the rich in China.

Also, apparently her leg miraculously recovered one day later. She ownself say one.

Source: Douyin

Can Singapore stop taking in this type of entitled foreigners? Waste our public resource, so rude to people who are just doing their jobs. They also have no respect for our laws. You can take them out of China but you cannot take the China out of them.

China wonders why Singaporeans have a bad impression of them. Please take a look at these people who you let out of your country.