Now That AHTC Trial Is Over, Is Anyone Checking All Other Town Councils?

By Sarita & Zen — On 9 November, after many years of investigations into the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC), the Court of Appeal decided that WP leaders and AHTC members mostly acted in good faith but negligent in some areas.

Is this the PAP nitpicking on WP?

The Workers Party has always been one of the strongest opposition of PAP. Since the next election is fast coming, isn’t this another trick where WP falls victim to political agenda? Do PAP have to pretend to dig out something to bad light them for 2025?

The PAP kept nitpicking on WP. Yet on their end they haven’t give us any answer about the cost price of our HDB flats since 30 years ago. Is the AHTC being used as a smoke bomb?

Now it should be time to check on PAP’s town councils.

If we were the opposition, we would go around all PAP areas and check to be sure those areas are being cleaned and managed “properly” as well. If the law mandates WP to verify all their works, PAP should be mandated as well.

The people checking should also be independent and not hired by the PAP. The Law should be the same for everyone regardless of their political groups to be fair and transparent to the citizen.

Hopefully Singaporeans can see that the PAP is trying to fix the opposition.