Average Singaporeans Cannot Afford To Retire

By Zen — 400,000 Singaporeans between the ages of 55-70 are not ready for retirement and need more CPF to qualify for the Basic Retirement Sum. Everyone has become more frugal due to the inflation rate, with the elderly being the most negatively impacted. Not only do they need to work despite their age and fragile bodies, but others also have to live alone, and not being taken care of until their last breath. Basically, they cannot afford to retire.

Why do our elders have to suffer? 

Numerous post concerning the heart-wrenching conditions our elderly is facing has been online for quite a while. 

Just like the elderly man who had Milo and bread for breakfast before his work started or the elderly woman who was seen pushing a cart containing a box of cartons that could be sold. These two are some of the many elders who have to work to live. 

Hopeless and Helpless. Living alone can be deadly. 

Another concern is our elderly living alone. It shows that they have often been neglected, leading to a heartbreaking scenario. 

Such as the mother and son who were both elderly and were found dead in their apartment or the elderly woman who was only found dead a year after she was seen. These elderly have died in vain on their own without any help. 

What is the government doing?

With the growing number of elderly in Singapore, the government should strengthen its plans concerning their status. 

It does not help that they keep making excuses by saying things like our elderly want exercise or want to pass time. In this expensive country, people must work hard to meet their needs; our elderly have to work even harder. Retirement is nothing but a fantasy.

“For the majority, Retirement is nothing but a dream. It is only a life fit for the rich or those with kids who can care for them.”