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Will Our Ministers Ever Take A Pay Cut?

By LM — Recently, the Malaysian Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim announced a joint cabinet decision to cut 20% of their salaries until the economic situation stabilizes. The decision is bold yet, affirming. The question then arises. If the Malaysian government can step up in solidarity with its people, can the Singaporean government too?

With distortions in supply chains due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the imbalance in trade slowed economic growth, and the recent Temasek episode. It is no wonder that Singaporeans are getting worried, in the midst of increasing inflation.

In tough times, the Singaporean government can reflect their dedication towards their people by deciding to cut down their wages.

It can set a good example for Directors, CEOs & Chief Executives of companies & businesses to follow suit. Reducing their official expenditures and introducing austerity policies will make a bigger impact on the economy than it seems.

Former GIC economist Yeoh Lam Keong believes that if the government takes a pay cut, this could help many Singaporeans in the longer run.

But, will the PAP do so? Their ego and arrogance remain the biggest stumbling block when “serving” Singaporeans. They only listen to what they “want” to listen to and claim to make the best decisions for Singaporeans.