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Woman Says She Cannot Stand HDB People Taking Jobs In Private Estates

In a recent LinkedIn post by “Satwant Kaur,” a concerning narrative emerged, seeking to divide our society based on housing types and promoting discriminatory attitudes. She found fault with HDB residents taking up jobs in private residential areas. She says that this makes her lose her unique identity.

Source: LinkedIn

Her Elitist Attitude Is Uncalled For

The claim that HDB residents lack values and humanity while private residence dwellers embody superior virtues is not only baseless but also deeply unfair. Many Singaporeans stay in HDB flats. To generalize and stereotype individuals based on their housing type is not only unfair but also undermines the values and contributions of our fellow Singaporeans.

The idea that private residential areas are solely built on values and mindsets, while HDB areas are only focused on networks and government rules, is a gross oversimplification.

For Someone Who Calls Herself A Nationalist, She Should Reflect.

As a nationalist and advocate against discrimination, one would expect Satwant Kaur to recognize the importance of embracing diversity and promoting understanding among different communities.

It is disheartening to witness such contradictory behavior, where on one hand, she fights against discrimination based on body size with her bikini brand for plus sized individuals, and on the other hand, she perpetuates discriminatory narratives against individuals based on their housing type.

We must remain vigilant and critical of such inconsistencies. Such people can undermine the progress we strive to achieve as a society.