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RIP Raja Gopal – SPF Police Officer Ends His Life From Workplace Bullying

Just yesterday, an SPF officer Raja Gopal (36) chose to end his life due to workplace bullying. Prior to the incident, he made a Facebook post (on 21 Jul 2023 4:36pm) detailing his unhappiness and alleged grievances in his workplace. Facebook has since taken down his post but we saved a screenshot. You can also find a reproduced version here on Reddit.

In a statement on SPF’s Facebook page on Jul. 21, the police confirmed they found a 36-year-old male police officer lying motionless at the foot of Blk 393 Yishun Avenue 6.

In a Facebook post, also on Jul. 21, Minister Shanmugam confirmed the officer’s name, saying he had died under tragic circumstances and that the cause of death is still under investigation.

The main reason was workplace bullying.

He said he was called “keleng kia” (a derogatory term for an Indian person) and “black and smelly” by team members. He said he felt that no matter “how well he performed”, he was always “put down” by people saying he was “just a low-ranking nobody”.

Next, he said he was stuck at his current rank as he supposedly never received a good appraisal from his superior, despite working “16-hour shifts.” He tried leaving the NPC by successfully applying for a posting in 2019. However, he claimed that his top superior didn’t allow him to post out due to “manpower issues”.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Zed Teo one of three high-ranking police officers named in his suicide note

“I went everywhere to ask for help but was shunned and said I was disobidient for reporting the wrongdoings. Commander zed teo treated me like a accused along with CIO Clement disc. My health suffered I pleaded to ask my side of the story but was always shunned and chased away being I was being treated like a lowest life form. I have always defended myself but could no longer as all the good officers left and good buddies due to the toxic work culture. I had no one to go to. I called all the help lines but was scolded for doing so.”

Raja Gopal

Zed Teo is a high flyer who used to work under Minister Shanmugam as a special advisor.

Source: Reddit

It is unbelievable that the Singapore Police Force, who is supposed to keep Singapore safe, is the culprit behind such racist acts. Raja Gopal cannot die in vain. He gave up his life to tell Singapore his story. Shanmugam better get to the bottom of this and make sure that every single person named in his Facebook post gets the punishment they deserve!