Singaporeans Praise Leong Mun Wai after Watching him in Parliament

Leong Mun Wai was recently in the spotlight for his questions on Ridout Road. The PSP NCMP wanted more time even as the Parliamentary session was ending. He said this to the Deputy Speaker:

There are still a lot more questions I’m going to ask. I think the debate is not going to end at 5:45.

When reminded by the Deputy Speaker that he does not get to decide what time the session ends, he replied:

All Singaporeans are watching the debate… What I urge the Chair is to be mindful that when it’s not completely clarified, PLEASE.DON’T.END.

Some people laughed at him for his lack of manners. However, more came forward to support him. Nevermind if he does not sound eloquent, many Singaporeans admire him for having the guts to question the government. Even Lee Hsien Yang was in praise of him:

If you thought Leong Mun Wai is often seen as a joke, you are wrong. Look at the comments below. Many appreciate his courage; they see it as a sacrifice whenever he gets shot down by other MPs. They want to vote him into Parliament in the next election and have him as their MP. Actually, they hope more opposition politicians can be like him.

Never underestimate Leong Mun Wai. He may not sound like much but he has already won a lot more support than people think.