Netizens Ask Pritam Singh to be Prime Minister After Seeing him in Parliament

Yesterday, Parliament touched on Tan Chuan-Jin and Cheng Li Hui’s extra-marital affair. Pritam Singh specifically criticized the PAP for being slow to respond.

“In this term of government, the government has either been slow to clear the air or been less than upfront and forthright with Singaporeans when it had to deal with potentially embarrassing issues.”

Netizens were impressed with the Leader of Opposition’s remarks in Parliament. One of his supporters praised him for not firing Leon Perera and Nicole Singh even though he knew about their affair. There was no need to penalize them as it is their personal matter and does not affect Singaporeans. They believed Pritam Singh had no choice but to finally ask them to leave because they had lied about the affair, and not so much because of the affair itself.

In fact, some Singaporeans are asking for Pritam Singh to be the Prime Minister. They were awed by the way he handled Parliamentary exchanges and the Workers’ Party’s scandal.

The WP was the one who obviously emerged strong following a series of political drama. On the contrary, the PAP is battered and worn. Is it time the scale tipped to the other side? Will you support Pritam Singh more than Lawrence Wong as Singapore’s Prime Minister?