Workers On Lorries – PAP Doesn’t Want To Look At The Root Cause

I refer to the recent debate between MPs Louis Ng and Amy Khor on the issue of transporting workers on lorries. The PAP has been looking at everything but the root of the problem, that is the fact that these workers are being transported on lorries.

PAP likes to talk about what they have done so far.

From imposing passenger limits on the rear deck, to requiring lorries transporting workers to be fitted with canopies and higher side railings. Government agencies also tried to set minimum rest-time requirements for workers who also double up as drivers – and arranging for all drivers to be accompanied by a vehicle buddy to check that the driver is alert and able to drive safely.

However, their solutions only solve part of the issue.

There are other reasons to why injuries happen, and why such accidents still happen. Instead of wasting so much time, resources, and energy trying to fix the peripheral issues, why does PAP not want to look at the main issue – that there is really no need to transport these passengers on lorries?

At the end of the day, the main reason for such deaths and injuries is that these workers are transported on lorries in the first place. That is the root cause, and that is what PAP should be looking at instead of going the roundabout way.

Why is it that PAP is only absolutist about some issues like PMDs and chewing gum, while they are so fixated on looking at everything BUT banning lorries as a means of transport for workers?