heavy vehicle accident

Singapore Needs To Be More Strict With Heavy Vehicles!

By LM — Singapore’s roads have become an unpredictable battleground. Heavy vehicles driven by reckless drivers wage a dangerous war against road safety. In recent months, there have been a number of accidents involving big vehicles. These accidents have resulted in serious injuries and even death. In many cases, the drivers of these vehicles were driving recklessly, often exceeding the speed limit and ignoring traffic rules.

Most recently on 7 July, an accident involving a Lorry driving through the road divider at Upper Thomson Rd took the life of a 70 year old Law Professor. These are tragic examples of the many accidents that have been caused by reckless driving by big vehicle drivers in Singapore. It is clear that these drivers are a danger to themselves and to others on the road.

In many cases, most of these accidents are caused by foreign drivers who seem to have little regard for Singapore’s traffic laws.

Their careless actions not only put lives at risk but also undermine the safety standards Singaporeans hold dear. The drivers of these vehicles are foreigners who drive like they do overseas, without respecting Singapore’s traffic rules. In fact, foreign pedestrians are also frequently seen to ignore rules by crossing the roads at places where they shouldn’t be crossing. For example, a 33-year-old foreign worker was taken to the hospital after being hit by a trailer because he tried to cross a four-lane road on the expressway. This is a serious problem, and we must address it.

The Singapore government needs to be more stringent about enforcing traffic rules for big vehicle drivers. We should frequently test their knowledge of Singapore’s traffic laws. We can also be stricter with our punishment for reckless drivers.

Only by taking these steps can we hope to reduce the number of accidents involving big vehicles in Singapore. We cannot afford to wait any longer. The lives of innocent people are at stake.