Lawrence Wong Blocked Me After I Criticised MMTF

I never said anything personal against Lawrence Wong. I merely criticised the MMTF on his Instagram about how they have been handling the pandemic. And he blocked me.

Usually my comments got close to 100 likes. To think that he has to resort to blocking me to look good is really pathetic. What a pathetic, weak individual that is leading this countries pandemic response.

It takes 1 minute out of my day to share my experience with a minister of Parliament that can’t take criticism so he needs to block members of the public.

This was one of the comments I wrote in June:

When people voice their concerns and frustrations to ministers online, they get blocked. Is this how ministers should act? Are they interested to hear what the people they are serving have to say?

Citizens have the courage to speak the truth but what about ministers? They do not have the courage and humility to accept it when people point out their failures.

Even if they do not agree with the opinions, it is not fair to censor them. Each individual has the right to air their views.

It scares us to know that our “leaders” are people who cannot take criticism and who believe they are always right.