Taylor Swift

Don’t Believe All The Propaganda About Taylor Swift Deal!

In the past week, we’ve seen the local news flood with Taylor Swift-related content. Most of the propaganda comes in the form of the government trying to convince us that the exclusive deal benefits Singapore.

If you have been out of the loop, Thailand’s prime minister shared last month that Swift’s concert promoter AEG had informed him that the Singaporean government offered subsidies of US$2m-$3m (£1.6m-£2.4m) a show as part of an exclusivity agreement.

The Singapore government has responded that the numbers are inflated but the deal is real.

“[Our] agencies negotiated an arrangement with her to come to Singapore and perform and to make Singapore her only stop in south-east Asia. It has turned out to be a very successful arrangement. I don’t see that as being unfriendly.”

PM Lee at a press conference in Melbourne

Why are they so secretive about the deal?

Why can’t they tell us how much they spent? Is it because they have something to hide? They claim that this deal would boost tourism in Singapore and in turn our economy. However, while it is true that foreigners did come in just for the concert, how much of their money is really going to Singapore?

How many of them used a foreign airline (e.g. Thai Airways or Cebu Pacific)? How many patronized brands owned by foreigners (e.g. Hilton)?

Some businesses even shared that their businesses declined because of Taylor Swift’s concerts!

It was even reported on CNA that there was a fall in some business. This is especially for those located around the National Stadium, as non-concert goers avoid that area to avoid the crowd.

Ji Xian Seafood and Hong Kong Dim Sum Express at Kallang Wave Mall are some examples. They reportedly saw a sharp 80 per cent fall in business. One staff member at the dim sum restaurant shared with TODAY that many regular customers cancelled bookings upon hearing about the concert.

A traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) clinic at the mall, Kin Teck Tong TCM Clinic, also experienced a 50 per cent fall in appointments over the past week. Darts and karaoke bar Good Cheer at Stadium, similarly saw patronage fall by about 40-50%. 

Dear Singapore government, did you have to do this? Did you think we’d be fine? Still got scars on our backs from your knives.