Raeesah Khan

No Chance for By-Election in Sengkang When Halimah Yacob Didn’t Have One

Raeesah Khan resigned yesterday for lying in Parliament and alleging that the police mishandled a sexual assault case. She is the only minority MP in Sengkang GRC. Now that she has left, what will happen to her empty seat? Will there be a by-election?

We had by-elections last time when PAP politicians were exposed for their extramarital affairs. But in 2018, the court said there is no need for one even though Halimah Yacob left her GRC to become President. She was also the minority representative.

Apparently, we can only have by-elections when everyone in a GRC or SMC leaves. The government is not obligated to call for one when only a single seat is not filled in a GRC. This means they will not call for it this time.

It also means that the remaining WP MPs: He Ting Ru, Jamus Lim and Louis Chua have to cover Raeesah Khan’s duties and take care of her residents. It is a lot of extra pressure but if they can handle it, they will emerge a stronger GRC and stronger WP. By all means, call for a by-election and they will still win.

Too bad, Ng Chee Meng!