Reflections From A Singaporean – PAP Is Living In Their Own Fantasy

[By Calvin Koh] PAP is living in their own fantasy and luxury and enjoyable world. They have lost touch with the ground on how so many people are struggling and suffering. Why are they trying to think of ways to squeeze more money from the people and making life harder and torturous and worse for everyone?!!

See what these self paid million dollars so call leaders and ministers are killing us with such high cost of living and allowing and making cost of living even higher and higher?!!!

They are not affected because their million dollar pay is way above these cost.

Instead, the ordinary people will have to suffer. Many are struggling to keep their jobs or businesses, barely making ends meet. These additional costs will just drown us.

What happens when a system has been designed such that the people in power (and some more privilege group of people) are able to work to enrich themselves, and then use their accumulated wealth to perpetuate themselves in power?

Why do we allow such leaders who cause people (or maybe they might say, only a very small number) to struggle and suffer like this?!!!

We need to ask, is such a system right?

Is this what many or the majority of the people in this country want? Is this what we like to see our country become? One group of people enjoying their life living like kings and queens and aristocrats while they are many other people or some people struggling like hell every day?

Some of us have even been wrongly and unjustly taken advantage of, treated or suffered grave injustice. This is what happens when the common good and people’s needs are secondary compared to their party’s interest. They only care about their own needs – to fatten their fortunes and make sure they stay in power.

They built a system where people pay for their HDB for their entire lives, but at the end of the day it’s a form of rental. One day the value will decrease to a “frightening amount” when the 99 year lease is up.

We have a system where paying for the car is not enough. You have to get a COE which only allows you to use it for 10 years. If you accidentally opt for 5-years, too bad for you. See how much one has to pay for a motorcycle? COE itself is already $10k!!!

The people have no way to make our voices heard.

These acts by the government are akin to an act of robbery and theft!!! They coerce their people who are not even allowed to protest in any way. Even courts or legal action are typically skewed to the government’s favour against the people!!! That’s nonsense, isn’t it?!!!

To add to all these, our government still despicably and unscrupulously use all kind of lame excuses and tactics to make sure they will always have an advantage over you. They will never admit the wrong they did to the people!!!

This is how we know, we have been taken for a ride for too many years.