Gilbert Goh Hunger Strike

Activist Gilbert Goh Plans To Go On Hunger Strike In Prison

Activist Gilbert Goh has shared on Instagram that he plans to go on a hunger strike while he serves his prison sentence on 19 August. The sentencing is for two convicted charges, one for illegal assembly and another for failing to sign the police statement.

The hunger strike is inspired by Gandhi

In his Instagram post, Gilbert Goh shared that Mathama Gandhi went on hunger strikes while protesting against the British rule. Gilbert plans to do the same to fight for a better Singapore.

“The aim is for better human rights and personal freedom in stifling Singapore whereby everything is tightly controlled.”

Gilbert Goh

He believes that this will reinforce his resolve for the cause.

The length of Gilbert Goh’s sentence is unconfirmed

It will start on 19 August, and Gilbert says that it “hopefully is not more than a week to ten days.” This is his first hunger strike, and he is unsure if he will be force fed while in prison.

All the best Gilbert Goh! We applaud your resolve!

See his Instagram post here:

Source: Instagram