Norwegian Fined $2000 for not Wearing Mask, Says Singapore has Double Standards

A Norwegian exchange student in NUS alleged that Singapore exercises double standards. He posted about getting slapped with a $2000 fine for not wearing a mask in the taxi even though he can party with “half-naked strangers” at the club.

He thinks our Covid-19 laws are very inconsistent. If people can go unmasked in clubs, they should be able to do the same in taxis as both are indoor settings. His opinion was not welcomed by some Singaporeans who told him to go back to his country if he is not happy.

Subsequently, he posted a sarcastic apology video to say he is sorry for not leaving Singapore.

We apologize to the singaporeans that has messaged us saying we have to leave and get back to our home country. We enjoy your food and clubs so much that we’ll be studying here for a long time, and we’ll keep sharing our experiences on the way.

He said he is “not complaining” but “simply making an observation”. In his home country, he has always been encouraged to voice his opinions and have open discussions. Do you agree with his observations? Is he attracting attention for the wrong reasons?