The Hypocrisy Of The Christian Community

Recently, a video of Jonathan Neo singing christian worship songs while strumming his guitar onboard an EasyJet flight went viral. Although there were a handful of passengers who sang along with the man, there were also passengers who looked unimpressed at what happened. 

The reactions from the christian community shows how hypocritical they are.

In a Facebook post by 3:16 church, they showed support for Jonathan’s actions by calling it “authentic Christianity”. They also said that Jonathan was given permission to sing, and passengers could have voiced out their opinions if they don’t want to tolerate his singing.

“It’s noteworthy that Jon was given permission to sing. Also, those on the plane had agency to voice out their disapproval should they not want to tolerate his singing.”

3:16 Church

They also said that secularism is about the “free exercise of all cultural diversities”.

Source: Jade Rasif on Instagram (@djjaderasif)

DJ Jade Rasif pointed out how hypocritical that statement is. In her Instagram stories, she noted that this is the same community which started petitions against Adam Lambert and Watain‘s concerts.

Source: Jade Rasif on Instagram (@djjaderasif)

The difference is, people had to pay to attend those concerts. Those who were against it could simply not purchase tickets. Watching Adam Lambert or Watain is an “opt-in” activity.

In comparison, passengers onboard a flight didn’t have a choice.

3:16 church says that passengers could have voiced out if they were uncomfortable with it. How many passengers would have dared to do so after seeing a whole group of Christians sing along? They wouldn’t want to be labelled anti-Christian, especially if all they actually want is to have some rest onboard the plane.

How would the conservative christian community react if another passenger randomly starts performing Watain songs onboard a flight?

“The beauty of this nation is not in the exclusion of religious practices and views but a neutral platform for the free exercise of all cultural diversities which are beautiful and valuable to a thriving culture.”

3:16 Church

If the above statement is true, they wouldn’t petition to cancel Watain’s concert. The “platform” is evidently not neutral. Moreover, when did an airplane become a platform for this “free exercise for cultural diversities”?