Maybe It’s Time To Import Foreign Talents To Lead Singapore

By Zen — One of the ongoing issues that local Singaporeans have continuously been dealing with is the influx of foreign talents in workplaces. Due to the new work pass implemented, more and more foreign workers can easily work in the country. In fact, some don’t even need to be holding a job before coming here. This results in Singaporeans competing for jobs against foreigners in their own country. 

Isn’t this a shame? If this is the case, then the government has failed to do its job. 

By importing foreign talents, it’s like saying Singapore has no qualifying talents that meet current demand. Does this mean Singapore’s education system and policy have failed?

If that’s the case, the government may need to look at their programs as to why we can’t have such. Is there something wrong with our local universities? What can the government improve to solve this problem without sacrificing us? 

The PAP needs to step up and take action.

If we lack talents, does this mean we also lack talented leaders? If Singapore has no talent, then our leaders may want to reevaluate themselves if they truly have the talent to run the country. It seems like they are not doing much to prevent talented Singaporeans from leaving. In the end they take the short cut – by finding foreigners to come here instead.

Does Singapore lack talent, or do we lack good governance from the so-called “leaders”? We have the biggest clowns in the world. Maybe it is time for us to also import “talented” ministers. We need a talented government too, especially if they rare so expensive. PAP, please stop belittling your citizens and only claim credit when individual Singaporeans reach the world stage when you honestly didn’t do much to help them get there.