Tin Pei Ling

MPs Should Be Full-Time MPs!

As of January, Tin Pei Ling, MacPherson’s MP, has been appointed by Grab as its director of public affairs and policy in Singapore.

As previously reported by Channel News Asia, Tin Pei Ling attended the Chinese New Year gratitude lunch for Grab drivers and delivery partners in her new role. She was present along with senior minister of state for transportation Amy Khor and managing director of Grab Yee Wee Tang.

MPs Should Be Full-Time MPs!

First of all, MPs are highly paid, there should be no need for them to find an alternative source of income. We must be the only country in the world that offers part time jobs at $16k a month.

Second, shouldn’t MPs follow the rules that all civil servants have to follow? Like all NSmen, MPs shouldn’t be allowed to moonlight! Alternatively, they should have to seek approval from an independent body if they want to have a side job.

Third, isn’t there a conflict of interest? Public policy employees and the government are usually seen on opposing sides. Both sides have their own interests to advocate for. Can she do her job well if she has interests on both sides?

Basically, we need our MPs to work for us full time. We need them to be there to advocate for us. They shouldn’t be busy with unnecessary things when their full time focus should be on Singapore and Singaporeans!