NSP, RDU, SPP, SUP Forms New Opposition Alliance

By Aerie Woon — Following the hilarious and uneventful announcement of the “people’s alliance” coalition, yet another joker coalition will soon be unveiled, this time consisting of NSP, RDU, SPP & SUP. This will be NSP’s second attempt at consolidating opposition resources, while not conducting regular house visits and maintaining only minimal ground presence except during elections.

WP, SDP and PSP are smart not to have joined these clowns and drag their reputation through the mud in the process, knowing fair well when the time eventually comes to disband, it will be a painful one as merely being anti-pap does not hold an alliance well beyond its political shelf life.

What is noteworthy though, is the fact SPP is willing to throw their lot and whatever is left of Chiam’s legacy, with the others who were once a part of the SDA coalition and RDU whose Sec-Gen was a former SPP candidate but left to join PSP, only to form RDU out of bitterness with the PSP leadership. SPP’s current Sec-Gen Steve Chia was also once part of the NSP gang calling Chiam to step down and hand over leadership to Desmond Lim.

What would one make of this new coalition leaves much to imagination, with such low calibre becoming strange bedfellows once again.

When conducting political activities, the electorate will usually witness 3 to 4 different colours and logos trying to convince people to vote for them with no explanation what were to occur when they all fall apart?

I think it’s far better for them to disband and either go into civil activism or work with 1 of the 3 existing opposition parties that are acceptable to the electorate. Unlike the PAP, if one cannot even agree with each other despite being comrades at arms or face value, one cannot expect the electorate to blindly trust such a coalition to run the country.

Besides, the reputation of 1 of the component parties in the PA isn’t exactly squeaky clean, with 3 criminal charges soon to proceed against its Sec-Gen when the time comes.