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Parents Brings Baby Food Containing Pork Into Halal Restaurant

This happened at a Halal Thai Restaurant. Parents brought baby food containing minced pork, and used their own utensils, container, tissues etc. However they were told to leave by the restaurant staff after. They asked Reddit whether the restaurant’s request was reasonable.

OP had many misconceptions.

First of all, the restaurant’s actions were justified because they are a Halal establishment. Allowing pork products to be consumed in their premises would put their Halal certification at risk. After all, tables and chairs at the restaurants are also considered equipment in handling halal-approved food.

Hence they should not come into contact with pork or its derivatives, for example, what if the spoon used by the baby was placed on the table, or what if bits of food drop on the floor? The restaurant cannot guarantee that there will completely not be any form of contamination, and if MUIS finds out, they might disqualify the restaurant.

Source: MUIS

Moreover, the author seems to think that Malay = Muslim when they asked if “Malay folks” would feel offended. They also seem to believe that there is such a thing as a “Muslim cuisine”, which other netters have taken the liberty to correct.

Nonetheless, many Muslim Singaporeans have expressed that they do not mind if someone consumes pork in front of them. We are after all a multi-racial, multi-religious society. However, people like OP should educate themselves, and to be more considerate.